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My son just started "A" school for ET at Great Lakes today and will be there until May. Can anyone tell me where he might be going for "C" school. Pensacola was one place mentioned, but are there any other stations for "C" schools.

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Jim - I asked the same question when my son John started ET A school a few months back. He is graduating A school on Friday and still has no idea where he go for C school. The navy is reluctant to say where all the C schools are. We do know one is in San Diego and there is also one in Virginia. John seems to think he will be on hold till after Christmas.
I too have tried to find out where the C schools are with pretty much the same results as Larry. I find the Navy's reticence on this subject rather odd. Its not like we aren't going to find out where our kids are going in the future. I attribute it to OPSEC concerns.

This has been a topic that comes up often. I'm with you both, not sure why their is not a complete list of A & C schools. I've been working on this little by little trying to gather info to put all in one place. I would like to have a page that list the schools, general info about them, contacts, etc. I haven't had the best of luck so far. I've even asked some of the Navy's brass if the Navy would mind if I had them listed on the site. Although this site is not run by the Navy I was hoping to at least get a response of approval from them.

If you guys have any info about schools please pass them along. I'll keep searching for schools and hopefully will have them up one day. As far as I know, no website has them listed. We might be the first once it's up. I just wish I could get an answer from the Navy to see if this would be an OPSEC violation.

I'll keep y'all posted on what comes of this.
Thanks Guys
Sooooo it's the typical Navy hurry up and wait to see where you'll end up.
Thanks again
I can give a short partial, va, Fla, Washington state, Cali, Japan, Hawii..... Yo fella anyone have a full list?
Most C schools seem to be state side, Cali, Fla, Wa State, NC and a few others, was at The A school Graduation, the CO of Great Lakes kept commenting that most of them would stay state side for 1st tour, but next time skys the limit...

just found out daughter is next in line for orders out.... Not sure how to feel...... miss her already.... Great mistakes is only 40 minutes from home

Daughter ships the 7th of Feb. Sicily.... shore command...

My son just got orders for his C school in Mississippi, had not seen that one mentioned anywhere before but he is thrilled at the idea of getting out of GL and moving forward. ( but it is still COLD in GL, I think he does like it better when it is not so cold!) :)

To put you all at ease on where your kids will be attending "C' School, here is where i know some of the schools are at.


Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex


St Inigoes (IFF)


Fort Stewart (SATCOM)


Biloxi AFB (Calibration Tech)


Naval Station San Diego

There are no ET C schools that I know of in Japan as was posted in a earlier post.

I hope this helps you all out



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When we visited Great Lakes in July 2011, a school administrator gave us the same list of possibilities as LES with the addition of : staying in Great Lakes for C school, Sicily (as another Dad listed ) and Pensacola, FL. We also were told it was common to finish A school in Oct and be on hold until after Christmas. Hope this helps with the compilation of a list of possibilities for our site!

In my earlier post I put down Biloxi AFB it is actually Kessler AFB in Biloxi MS.

For "C" School in Sicily the only school for ET's is a NATO SATCOM course, it is only taught on as needed basis so more than likely your son/daughter would attend Shore SATCOM training at Fort Gordon GA.  If your child is going to a ship then they would attend a SATCOM course in one of the FCA's (Fleet Concentration Areas either Norfolk or San Diego).


Japan for ET "C" Schools only has a 2M (Micro/Miniature) Repair and Fiber Optic Technician.  If your child were to attend this course of instruction after "A" School in my experience they would also be attending another "C" School to be more beneficial to the ship.  The whole 2M pipeline (both courses) is 6 weeks.

So in other words all "C" Schools your child will attend after "A" School will be stateside before going overseas or to a ship.  If your child should happen to fail the "C" School (yes it does happen) it is a lot easier to modify the orders stateside than overseas.


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