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We got our form letter today with a short personal note on the back. Please reply if you have someone in the same ship and division. -Todd

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Jack- Be warned, from what I have read, the recruiters don't always have the most up to date information about ships and divisions. There are times when SR's get moved to a different ship or division for various reasons. It is up to the SR to mail family if they are moved like this. Being out of town like you are, You may want to confirm with your recruiter if your SR is still in the same ship/div. - Todd

Jack W Hensley said:

Todd I forgot to tell you.  The Recruiter gave us our SR's address the day following President's day.  He checked on his computer which was down and called me back a couple of hours later with the address.

Thank you Todd I will call his recruiter's office in Huntsville, AL in the morning.


Todd my wife called me in San Antonio and told me that we did receive the form letter and on the back he said a couple of things but said he was having a great time.  He is on Ship o4 Division 119.

Good to hear Jack. My son indicated he too was having fun, but that was EARLY in the experience. We can only hope it is still true! Also, I did send Travis a note on Saturday and told him to look up Caleb in his division. 

Todd I know it will be busy but I hope we get to meet at graduation.

Yes Jack, that would be fun to meet at graduation. Maybe during the big wait after we enter the hall and before the ceremony starts. If you are a Facebook user, there is a forum under the RTC Facebook page. Look in the forum for Ship 04/ Div 119 PIR 4 /13/ 2012. Try using this link to the forum.

FYI - Here's a link organizing a meet & greet for our PIR.


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