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My son shipped out to Great Lakes on 2/23 and I believe he is currently in week 2.  So far we got the call that he was there and safe, we got the box with his clothes and the form letter.  My wife has gotten some limited information from the Navy Moms group.  Not enough info to paint an accurate picture.

We are waiting for our first phone call or letter.  We know there have been some letters and phone calls get out.

I'd appreciate hearing from any of you who also have a son in this division.

Thanks, Mike

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Actually, I am not that worried about it.  My wife is really concerned though.

I have written a couple of times to encourage him.  Other moms with kids in the DIV have gotten letters back while we have not, so my wife is concern that our son may have lost some privileges.  I think it's too soon to know for sure.  The RDCs are trained to handle it and they are pretty successful at molding kids into sailors..  It would be nice to know more about what is going on with the boy though.

My son when on a Tiger cruise on a Burke class with his cousin about a month before going in.  He said he got a lot of info on how to deal with recruit training.  I expect it hasn't quite turned out like he expected, but I do hope the shock wears off soon and he makes a conscious decision to get with the program.  If he does that, he will be just fine.

Rest individual is punished....he is part of a division now...a team. It is everyone or nobody! Your letter should arrive very soon....Isolation is part of the program, You should be getting a call pretty soon...that will help put your wife at ease....

We got the I'm here, I'm safe phone call and the form letter.  I'm talking about a real letter or phone call.

He's not much of a writer.  I hope he calls soon, my wife could use the call.

Do not count on calls for awhile or letters....No News is Good News

I fear the mid-week call.  That either means he's hurt or he's being separated

Relax Mike....His call could come at anytime. The RDCs have to schedule time for their divisions at the phone banks. It is also considered a "privilege" that must be earned and granted by the RDCs. The call usually comes around the end of Week 3....10-15 minutes!

Actually, I am relaxed.  It's my wife driving us all nuts.

I hope he gets to call, but if not, I will be OK with that too.

Week 2 is done and week 3 starts tomorrow.

   The first month is definitely the hardest on the parents! Lack of communication with the outside world is key to building these young folks into U.S.Sailors. Distractions are kept to a minimum for the Recruits. Once the letters start arriving...and they gets easier and the time seems to go a bit more quickly. We have all endured the wait...and it sucks....but the reward is worth every tear shed! You'll see on the day of his P.I.R.....Hang in there!

Word is getting back through Navy 4 Moms (yeah, I know they tend to over react), from the few letters and calls that have gotten out, that apparently there are 2 or 3 recruits causing the whole division problems.  Since we have not heard from my son, my wife automatically assumes that out son is one of the trouble makers.

I suppose he could be, but I'm not going to presume to guess.  He has been able to slide through a lot of things in the past and he has some behaviors to unlearn, but he's still young and malleable, and the Navy has a great success rate of turning out sailors. I am concerned, but not worried.  I hope, for my wife's sake, we hear something soon.  It would sure make life easier at home.  The women on Navy4Moms are C R A Z Y.


My son shipped on 2/28, Ship 02 Div 924.  So far, haven't heard a thing. Not even clothes or "I've arrived" phone call.  We assume the call & clothes went to his girlfriend.  Hope you finally heard fron your son. Hate to say it, but it actually is kind of comforting to hear other people haven't heard much either.



Mike, SR's are not singled out.  They are at RTC to learn teamwork....the division rises and falls as a unit

I know that.  Apparently, there is a group on another website that sees everything in the negative.

As a plus, my wife finally said there are too many negative people on that website, so there is hope on the home front.

I am really not worried  about it.  I know my boy can do this if he chooses too. It is his choice.


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