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Navy Nuke: Questions and Answers to what your Sailor will be doing as a "Nuke" in the United States Navy. This support group is for the families and friends with Sailors serving in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Program / Power Nuke School.

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Bravo Zulu to A-school graduates (1505-T)

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Son Going Through Recruitment

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Your Sailor's Schedule Upon Arrival at Goose Creek

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Comment by B'sNukemom&dad⚓️CVN75 on Monday

Hahaha - funny one Paul!  Taken in the spirit of humor ;-)  We all know how our nukes truly are so it's ok! (And I hope you don't mind I borrowed it for another group!)

Comment by NavyDads Admin (Paul) on May 16, 2015 at 5:49pm

posted in the spirit of humor all!

Comment by Darrell Brown on May 11, 2015 at 2:31pm

 B'sNukemom&dad⚓️CVN75 Thank you for posting the article. Though it has been some time since my son completed PNEO (he is now XO of a boat) it is enlightening to see a different perspective of the challenges he encountered over his career since he minimalizes them when sharing with family. 

Comment by B'sNukemom&dad⚓️CVN75 on May 11, 2015 at 12:39pm

Interesting article, "Call me a Nuclear Engineer".  I know it's about officers, but interesting nonetheless.

Comment by B'sNukemom&dad⚓️CVN75 on April 20, 2015 at 12:53pm

Sorry Jim - I don't have an answer for you or him....

Comment by NavyDads Co-Admin, Jim on April 19, 2015 at 9:00pm
Does anyone have any insight for this Navy Dad?
"My apologies if this has already been covered - but I didn't see it on the site anywhere. Its a bit off the topic of boot camp, but I'm hoping you or your team might have an answer.
I did 12yrs active USN. My son just joined and left for boot camp  April 6, 2015.
He picked IS (ATF). He went in with a B.S. in Econ, so my understanding he is an E-3 the day he goes to boot camp.
I also understand that ATF participants are automatically advanced to E-4 once they have been a E-3 for 6 months and meet the other requirements - which as I understand from reading the regs, is completed POI course and a letter of recommendation from the CO.  
So, his E-3 start date should be 4/6/15, his E-4 eligibility date should be 10/6/15.
Assuming what I have said is accurate and he gets his qualifications done. When would he be eligible to take the E-5 exam? March of 2016 or Sep of 2016?
I originally thought it would be Sep 2016, but when I looked at the regs for ATF advancement it had some funky language that made the math seem like his effective TIR as E-4 would be his boot camp start date - which seemed weird to me - so I thought I would ask you guys for help understanding.
Also, he is going to IS A&C school in Dam Neck, I've seen on the boards that training commands generally don't advance people in school - they wait to they get to their command.
Is that true?
If it is, is there anything special he should be doing, or talking to, to make sure that he has all his requirements done by the time he gets to his duty station, so if he is eligible for the March exam he can get right to it.
I just concerned that his training timing might make him fall into that in-between area and will force him to take the next exam - which isn't the end of the world, but if I can help him get a plan in place to try and make sure he gets a shot at it the first time - that would be great.
Timing goes like this - I know, lots of things can screw it up, but just assuming it goes somewhere close to planned.
Enters boot camp 4/6/15 - grads 5/29/15 (That's PIR date), ships to Dam Neck 6/1/15, starts A school 6/8/15 - grads A school 13 weeks later 9/8/15, attends C school 9/14/15 (hard to say what c school he will get  they range from 5-13 weeks, so I'm going to guess 8 week and say he grads C school 11/9/15 - transfers to Command 11/10/15.
So, will he get to command to late to ask for the march exam date - assuming he's eligible?
If so, should he be talking to someone at A or C school to get on the exam list?
Sorry, that was long winded, but recruiters and the other boards don't have answers for me, so I figured I'd ask you guys and hope someone has experience as a career counselor.
Comment by Rocco A Cavallo on April 17, 2015 at 8:37am

I hope everyone is well and sailors are doing great! Looking forward to planning a trip so SC sometime soon!

Comment by B'sNukemom&dad⚓️CVN75 on April 10, 2015 at 11:54am

Hi all - Happy Friday!  Been kind of quiet around here.  Sailor is in VA on the Truman - doing his thing now.  He's anxious to start getting his quals far so good.  We've got to start planning our visit to VA ;-)

Comment by JMBrouPTBSSGN on March 20, 2015 at 9:19pm

I haven't commented here in months. But I do get comment notifications, so I enjoy seeing the positive comments. Yes, "B'sNuke" I've seen these statistics before. It is a challenging program, no doubt. But as our son did, if you stay out of trouble, "stay your course' and stay focused the can succeed. Our son finished proto beginning of December. Was assigned to Kings Bay (his first choice!) and is now underway. Possible 3 month deployment on a SSBN. It was tough for his mom & fiance', but before we know it he'll be back. May be able to email us updates. We're proud of what he's accomplished as all of you are for your kids. God bless & Godspeed to all of them. You all have a great weekend! Geaux Navy!

Comment by B'sNukemom&dad⚓️CVN75 on March 20, 2015 at 1:46pm

This was a statement I saw on FB today - posted by a mom at the Power School grad today: 

"The guest speaker said: 1% enlist in the military.  1% of those apply for the Navy Nuclear Program.  70-80% of those are accepted in to the Navy Nuclear Program and 75% of those graduate."

Happy Friday all and happy 1st day of Spring!


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