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Comment by LukeH 9 hours ago

@Ron, don't even think about Aug 1st, but if it is a short drive, odds are good that you could meet that Sunday and go out for the day. No problem going shopping or into Charleston, but she would have to be in uniform. After that, there usually won't be a problem visiting on weekends. For Labor Day weekend she should have 3 days liberty.
There are no visiting policies, just liberty policies. You will meet her at the Mini-NEX on Fletcher. The only time you will go on the school grounds is for graduations, and then not past the torpedoes.

Comment by Jim C. 14 hours ago

@Ron, as the others have said, it's probably better to wait a few weeks. First off, you will not be allowed on base to visit her. You don't know when she will arrive there (flights leave throughout the day. My son didn't arrive there until late Sunday due to flight delays out of Atlanta.) They will be busy with indoc briefings, room assignments, etc. I'd let her settle in and then ask her when it is convenient to visit. She will be in Indoc for at LEAST a week, probably more. Just my opinion, but I think you'll have a better, more relaxed visit if you wait.

Comment by carols_kitchen 16 hours ago

@Ron, They have lots of indoc to go through, so wait.  3 Phases.  It's better to wait till at least 2nd if not 3rd phase so they earn the ability to wear civilian clothes and right to get off base.  

Comment by lsdemme2001 18 hours ago

@Ron Fordham - Probably not a good idea to attempt to visit upon her arrival at A-school.  I don't recall the policies, as my son went through there almost nine years ago, but she will be pretty busy her first few days there.  I suggest that you ask her what she knows about the visiting policy.   

Comment by Ron Fordham 19 hours ago

Hi guys, we have a small question. After Boot Camp PIR, our soon to be "nuke" will be flying straight to Charleston for "A" school Sat August 1st. If we drove there, would we be able to spend time with her right after she arrives on Aug 1st and then on Sunday Aug 2nd? We know she probably can't leave the base, but can we get on base to visit with her before she actually starts "A" school that Monday? Any info would be very helpful. Can we just call the school to find out their visiting policy on new arrivals? Thanks in advance for any info you can pass along! 

Comment by Ken Drewenski on June 19, 2015 at 9:09am
Does anyone have a sailor in A school 1536?
Comment by Mike K on June 18, 2015 at 10:44am

My sailor actually just got out of the Navy after 6 years back in January.  The one thing I remember well during his time down in Goose Creek, which is where he and his wife have resettled by the way, is never ever be afraid to ask for help.  He never had problems and was always on the low end of study hours but he spent many extra hours with others who needed help.  There are always other sailors willing to help, they just need to be asked.  The instructors too want nothing more than everyone to do well and will also spend that extra time helping all they can.  The biggest problem many have is they feel it is a weakness to ask for help when it is definitely NOT.

Comment by Grant Miller on June 18, 2015 at 10:31am
Isdemme2001 Ouch! Our son had a classmate who made it all the way through Power School with decent grades. But then he started having anxiety issues before Proto. Got out of the nuke program and soon after the Navy altogether. Felt bad for him.
Comment by Craig Metalski on June 18, 2015 at 10:21am
My son just finished power school he is waiting for proto to start for him something that has not been mentioned yet is making sure our sailors make weight and pass their pt tests he had 3 classmates held back from grad for one or both of those reasons
Comment by lsdemme2001 on June 18, 2015 at 9:34am

B'Nuke and Rocco - It is true that some don't make it.  My son had a classmate that was taken out of the program TWO WEEKS BEFORE PROTO GRADUATION!  Imagine that.  He went through two years of Nuclear Electronics training and was just two weeks shy of Graduating prototype when they washed him out.  My son roomed with him for awhile during the schooling and he said that the kid was desperate to become a Nuke.  My son felt guilty because he himself had many times thought of just quitting, but the kid who washed out never wanted to give up.  He had no disciplinary problems or anything.  My son said he excelled during the schooling and classroom work and rarely had forced study time. He simply was evaluated as not being able to implement the knowledge he learned throughout the training when it came time to apply it to practical situations.

My son on the other hand barely scraped by the schooling part, but when it came to the practical portion he excelled and we anticipate that his next duty station will be as an instructor at Balston Spa once the current decommissioning assignment is complete.

I guess the lesson is that you simply can not become complacent no matter how solid you think your standing is.  



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